Gelateria Italia appoints Astreem as Franchise Partner

Singapore Franchise OpportunityPress Release – Gelateria Italia appoints Astreem Consulting as Franchise Partner to seek potential Investors to participate in this excitingF&B Franchise Opportunity.  .
Since its inception Gelateria Italia has been enjoying very strong growth with an outlet opening almost every month. Despite incessant requests for area and master franchise rights to be offered to other parts of the region, Gelateria has held off over expanding, preferring to perfect it’s operations and process to ensure large scale reliability.
Their efforts to offer only the best gelato have led them to win the coveted FLA (Franchise Licence Association) Singapore’s  Promising Franchisor award  for the year 2013 and are well set on their way to become the Best Gelato Franchise In this part of the world. This award is testament to the fact that sound franchise practices have been put in place to ensure consistency of Product to the customers, continuing operational support, strong brand positioning and a franchisor mind-set that is key to the success of any franchise
In quarter 1 of 2014, Mr Philippo Hardegger CEO and Founder of Gelateria Italia, after devoting much efforts in system and process design, declares Gelateria Italia ready to invite potential Master and Area Franchisees.
When asked the Main reason for inviting Master Franchisees to become a part of Gelateria Italia’s international Expansion plan, Mr Hardegger says:   
Gelateria Italia has an outstanding proof of success. We have a unique product and we see a real demand on the market for our product and concept.  And we believe that the right partners can develop our brand even better in their market then we could do by our own.
We are market leader in our home market and we nothing less than the number one, the leader in his field is what Gelateria Italia is working for. We don’t want to waste time to learn how the market in every individual country works in deep. We better spend our effort and time to support a strong partner who know his market with our know-how and success with our brand.
“Gelateria Italia Franchise is a Franchise Opportunity that is in line with the world’s hottest Food trends and the Top Contender in terms of Frozen Desserts“ says Mrs Hsien Naidu, Director at Astreem consulting. “ Gelateria Italia is a Franchise Model that has been designed to operate optimally as a franchise system. Every step in its franchise operations is designed to ensure consistent product quality and successful business operations. This is a franchise that is perfect for the Franchisee who is seeking a Profitable franchise Model while willing to commit to producing a product that meets the Gelateria Italia Brand and Product standards. We at Astreem consulting are extremely proud to have been appointed Gelateria Italia’s Franchise partners. Together we can build Gelateria Italia as first global Gelato chain worldwide.