Smart Trends & Forecast on Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region 2015-2019

Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region 2015-2019 - Smart Trends & Forecast is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. A relatively higher proportion of the population in the BRIC region suffers from ailments like diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), and hypertension. To resolve the lack of proper medical facilities in some of the remote regions where these diseases are prevalent, the adoption of telemedicine is gaining increasing foothold in the BRIC countries. The costs associated with telemedicine are often lower than that of conventional healthcare systems, which add to its popularity. The market is witnessing an increase in IT spending in the healthcare sector and it is expected to boost the market penetration of telemedicine in BRIC countries.

Telemedicine Market in the BRIC region is expected to grow at a steady pace, posting a CAGR of over 16 percent during the forecast period.

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Telemedicine Definition and Application in the BRIC Region:

Telemedicine is the application of advanced telecommunication in healthcare processes monitor and manage clinical healthcare. Its extensive use is in the area of remote patient care.

There are various technologies and devices such as cameras, Internet, satellites, and wireless communication devices that are being used to augment telemedicine services. Telemedicine provides clinical care services mainly through two technologies; pre-captured and real-time. On the basis of application, the Telemedicine Market in BRIC region is divided into Telecardiology, Teleconsultation, Teledermatology, and Teleradiology. While Telecardiology is the most sought after application of telemedicine in India, Teleradiology has a larger market share in Brazil.

Key Advantages of Telemedicine for the BRIC Region:

Telemedicine is making inroads in the BRIC region with advanced applications combining computer, video streaming, and telecommunications. The key advantages of telemedicine expected to benefit the BRIC region are as follows:

Reduced distance barriers for patients from remote areas
Remote access to specialized consultations
Enhanced responsiveness to patient needs
Decrease in the travel time of healthcare professionals
Motivation to rural practitioners for continuing rural practice
Lowering of the number of referrals to off-site facilities
Reduction of patient transfers
Market Segmentation of Telemedicine by Type:

On the basis of type, the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region is categorized into two segments:


The Telemedicine Technology segment is the fastest growing segment in the Telemedicine Market in the BRIC region. Advances in technology can be attributed to the emergence of new software applications and widened telecom networks. Telemedicine technology makes use of mainly two methods to transmit images, data, and sound. Services and transmissions are either live or stored for the purpose of forward transmission. Many programs use both transmission procedures.


Healthcare institutions are making substantial investments in services involving information technology to improve the overall delivery of clinical care. Primary care and specialist referral services are being administered through remote consultation with patients. Remote patient monitoring systems use devices to collect and send data to households, healthcare agencies or for interpretation. Telemedicine is also being used to further the cause of medical education by providing credits to healthcare professionals and by imparting special medical education through seminars in remote areas.

Other Sections of the Report Include an Analysis on the Following:

Current market scenario and market shares of Telemedicine by Technology and Services
Key Drivers and their Impact on the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region
Key Challenges and their Impact on the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region
Key three Trends and their Impact on the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region
Five Forces Analysis of the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region
SWOT Analysis of Key Vendors of the Telemedicine Market in BRIC Region

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