Geebo payment center

Geebo Payment Center


Looking for a new way to advertise your business, or for a great way to earn some extra revenue in your establishment? Why not do this will bring in a whole new and very large stream of customers and earning potential? We have a solution that more than meets these needs. The new Geebo Payment Center is just the solution you’re looking for. Here’s why.


The Geebo Payment Center offers a plethora of services that a lot of people need, but are hard to find in most places. Typically, these services also cost customers a lot of money to use. At the Geebo Payment Center kiosk, customers can do things like purchase pre-paid credit cards, do money transfers, and buy gift cards. Customers can also purchase air time for cellular phones, buy international calling cards. Additionally, you can accept payments for our over 35,000 companies directly through the Geebo Payment Center, taking advantage of a fantastic marketing opportunity. Customers can pay for these services with the Geebo Payment Center kiosk with both credit card, and cash- making them an attractive and easy to use service which will attract a whole new and larger stream of business.


How does this earn you money? Aside from the new stream of loyal customers stopping by your business to use the kiosk, you also earn money on transactions. If you purchase your own kiosk, you can earn at least $2.00 per transaction, and earn residual cash on transactions like purchases of prepaid credit cards and added airtime for cell phones (50% per transaction). If you choose to lease a kiosk, you earn $1.00/transaction. The earnings add up quickly with these kinds of services, as many people need them and use them regularly.


With transaction fees set at $3.50 each, this is a very affordable opportunity. The best part is, JCS will handle all of your credit card processing and upkeep with your Geebo Payment Center, so you don’t ever have to do a thing except make money. Your business will benefit greatly from having a Geebo Payment Center Kiosk available. The ease of earning potential is limitless, and you’re expanding opportunities in your community for customers to get the services they want and need in an easy, fuss-free way at our simple and easy to use payment center.  Let the Geebo Payment Center make money for your business today!