Kolkata- the city of joy!

Each part of the amazing India has something to explore and something to look forward to. There is immense natural beauty bestowed in this country in the form of rivers, seas, hills, flora, waterfalls, valleys etc. Similarly there are the religious places of this city which attract the devotees from all caste and creed. Then of course there are the establishments of historical significance which are the realms of its glorious past.

One of the most beautiful cities is the city of Kolkata. The city is also known as the ‘Cultural capital of India’. It is also associated with the melodious music and dance forms. There has been development in all fields of art and literature in here. The shrines, museums, gardens of this city are sure to leave the tourists in awe. This city houses the most beautiful temples, dedicated to the presiding deity of this city Goddess Maa Kali. There is the Kalighat temple in here located in the sacred river Hooghly, which is also dedicated to the deity. The other shrines in here are the Thanthania Kalibari, Dakshineshwar temple etc. The charm of this city is increased many folds during the festival of Navratri. There are held many rituals and celebrations in this city during this nine day festival. There is also the Belur Math established by Swami Vivekananda in this city. The Jain temples all round the globe are known for the artistic work of glass and mirror, which can be witnessed in the Pareshnath Jain temple as well. There is also the Nakhoda Mosque, which is the biggest of its kind of mosque in here. The churches of this city include the St. John’s Church, Armenian Church and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The landmark of this city is the Howrah Bridge. It is renowned throughout the world for excellent craftsmanship. The replica of the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Victoria Memorial is also in here. For all you book lovers, there is the National Library in here, the largest library of the country. The MP Birla State Museum, Birla Art Museum, Rabindranath Bharti Museum and Ashutosh Museum are the significant museums of this city. There is connectivity of this city to other cities of the world through international flights.

Bangkok has gradually developed into the most famous international tourist destinations. The name of this city symbolizes ‘city of angles’. The must visit destination of this city is the Grand Palace, which is the residence of Thai Rulers. This palace is known for the most amazing architecture. The Buddhist shrines of this city are known throughout the world. The most famous ones are the Wat Phra Kaew. It houses the idol of Buddha, which has been carved from one jade. There is also the Wat Arun in here, which is known for beautiful sculpture. There is also the Jim Thompson’s House in here, which is a museum as well. There are many zoos and insectariums in here as well. The most fascinating of all are the Floating Markets in here. This city is also known for the plethora of cuisine and night life. There is availability ofKolkata to Bangkok flights as well.


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