Mainpac expands Unique Asset Management for Energy & Utilities Sector

Mainpac, a trusted asset management solutions provider, expands their asset management for energy and utilities sector, catering to their unique asset challenges.The company discusses their services on their website.

[Sydney, June 25, 2014] – Mainpac, a premier asset management service provider, offers an enhanced asset management solution for their clients in the Energy and Utilities Sector. They provide unique asset management services that are suitable for the varying needs of their clients.

Assistance For Unique Asset Challenges

Mainpac understands that the Utilities Sector faces growing pressure to increase operational efficiencies while improving production and supply reliability. With effective asset management, the company assists the clients in the Utilities Sector to handle the problem of the ageing infrastructure and workforce along with the skilled labour shortages. They also address the increasing demands in regulatory, corporate, safety and environmental compliance.

Providing a unique asset management for every client, the company discusses that they improve operational efficiencies despite a quickly evolving market. They provide clients with solutions for water market reform, sustainable waste management and carbon abatement.

 Best-Of-Breed Systems

According to Mainpac, they provide best-of-breed systems to asset intensive businesses in the Utilities Sector to increase flexibility, drive efficiencies and maintain a certain level of competitiveness. With Maipac software and professional services, they offer system flexibility that can manage different plans, special projects, key and complex processes in the business.They also capture operational knowledge and best practices within standardised work processes, maximising production efficiency and reliability. In the case of system breakdown, the company offers Reliability Centred Maintenance tools that help clients manage infrastructure using smarter methods.

Apart from the cutting edge technology, Mainpac employs effective asset life-cycle planning and management capabilities to forecast future operations. They also engage in energy saving approaches through smart metering and energy modelling. As the company continues to progress, they also relay this enhancement to their clients with Mainpac Asset intelligence business discovery applications. They integrate capabilities with other SCADA, operational and ERP systems.

With the growing challenges in the Energy and Utilities Sector, Mainpac assists clients in integrating flexible and reliable systems that provide effective asset management. They continue to expand the clients’ businesses through increasing operational productivity and efficiencies.


Mainpac is an industry-leading asset management company that enhances asset performance and optimises maintenance investment. They are committed to the development of asset management best practices. They develop a collaborative, research and development relationship with the Cooperative Research Centre for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM). The company provides training and post-sale support services, as well as professional consulting services, to a huge clientele. With breakthrough systems and solutions, Mainpac has an excellent track record of service across various industries.

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