Celebs laud Saharasri's patriotism

The 37 year-old history of Sahara India Pariwar is that of patriotism and selfless working for the welfare of the society.

However, in the past few weeks the kind of news that is coming in from all sides is disturbing for the organisation which has always given priority to national cause and social upliftment.

Several top sportspersons have come forward to speak in favour of the Sahara India Pariwar which has done a lot of work to promote sports in the country. Some personalities who spoke are:

 Virendra Sehwag: As far as I know Saharasri cannot do any such kind of task like not refunding someones money. His love for the country and sports is evident from the fact he not only runs such a huge corporate but has also been a sponsor for cricket for so many years, has sponsored hockey. Saharasri has also come forward in rendering a helping hand at times of national calamities in different parts of the country. I dont think he can do any wrong.

 Dhanraj Pillay: I would urge the government of India to take of the work that Saharasri has done for the society. He is a true Indian. He also comes forward in helping and honouring sportspersons and has promoted games in the country.

 Jainarayan Nishad, MP: Sahara has been an independent institution and a malicious propaganda has been spread against the institution. Current developments indicate how a rightful person is intimadated. Saharasri has been sent to jail as part of a conspiracy.

 Munavvar Ali, MP:  His contribution to society particularly during calamities and crisis is remarkable. It is a matter of emotion for Sahara India Pariwar when any calamity falls on the society. It imparted education to the children of Kargil martyrs, Sahara was one of the first to come out to help the Gujarat earthquake victims. During the flood fury in Uttarakhand too Sahara India came forward and did an appreciable work.

 Kapil Dev, cricketer: I know Saharasri for the last over 35 years. He has always come forward in support of games and has honoured players. He has always come forward and extended a helping hand during times of crisis like Gujarat earthquake. I can't say who is right and who is wrong but I can definitely say that Sahara Sri is a generous person with a human touch. There should alsways be leniency for such kind-hearted persons and it is not justified to send him to jail outright.

 M S Bitta, anti-terrorism leader: Saharasri is a true son of this soil. Whether it is a matter of promoting sports, or helping the martyrs of Kargil or those killed during attack on Parliament he has always taken lead in helping the society. In my opinion, the man who has contributed for nationalism is Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara. He promoted sports at national and international levels, has financially helped poor players and brought glory to the nation with his contributions. He is the one person who took all his employees throughout the country and created a record in singing of national anthem. If such people are sent to jail then who will protect Bharat Mata.

 Vijay Bahadur singh, MP and senior advocate: His contribution to cricket and help rendered to the families of martyrs of Indo-Pak conflict is unforgettable. The taks they are doing in helping the society is unparallel.

 Manak Aggrawal, Congress leader: Honourable Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara has spent all his life for the development and upliftment of the society. His work is highly appreciable. The decision of the Supreme Court in his case has not been appreciated by the people and the court should reconsider its decision for such a kind-hearted person.

Justice RS Sodhi, former Judge High Court: In my opinion, what inputs I have received regarding Sahara-SEBI row, I feel that Sahara chief has no interference in day-to day business of the group. Sahara Chief is just a chief of the organisation. Though it is not answerable but I am puzzled that under which law Supreme Court sent him jail. If under the law of contempt of court, he should be held guilty first. And if the court has sent him jail under some other law, it should be made clear first. I don’t appreciate Supreme Court’s high handedness in this case.