The most typical one of smart foldable standing electric scooters - Airwheel Z5

Each series of intelligent equipment of Airwheel has unexceptionable public praise among riders. Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter released in the beginning of this year is highly praised and is also the priority when purchasing electric scooters. The deep impression that left in our mind is the fashionable and fantastic exterior design, balanced riding performance and high security level.

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Exterior design

Falling in love at first sight occurs in our daily life. Similarly, when selecting intelligent vehicles, we tend to focus on the gorgeous appearance. That is to say, what does it look like may directly determines a buying behaviour. Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter has a dainty and delicate body with right scale. Painted mainly by black and white, together with the striking words “Airwheel” and “Z5”, Z5 razor electric scooter looks very dynamic.

Superior performance

Another fact is that all that glitters is not gold. The shining goods need to be practical after all. Z5 electric scooter can reach up to a maximum of 20km/h and can load a maximum of 100kg. From the above factors, we can infer that Z5 fast electric scooter is suitable for intended daily short-distance commuting. Only weighing 13.15kg, it can be lifted by girls. For the purpose of carrying, it can be folded within few seconds. The size after finishing folding will be 390mm×850mm×195mm so it is convenient to carry it with you whenever and wherever.

Additionally, Z5 electric scooter for adults is extended with a high-efficient USB port on the battery pack. Riders can regard it as a portable moving power source for charging your daily electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet or kindle when necessary.

High security level

Riding during night is necessary. Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is hard to be noticed by large vehicles in dark environments due to its small figure. In this case, Airwheel adds high strength headlight for lighting the front road condition and also installs intelligent taillight in the tail of Z5. The taillight will turn on automatically when braking so as to remind pedestrians or vehicles to keep alert.

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