KPOST Company Blog Post Outlines The Need For Commercial Building Maintenance

In their latest blog KPOST Company reveals the life cycle of building materials and the need for regular commercial building maintenance. KPOST points out that, like humans, buildings and parking lots have a life span. 

“Just like regular exercise helps a person stay healthy and live longer, regular maintenance to your property also extends its life,” said Steve Little, president of KPOST Company. “However, just as we have a specific lifetime, building materials also have a typical life cycle.”

Although life cycles are limited there are ways to extend the life of building materials. Proper maintenance is one of the crucial elements to ensuring the safety and longevity of building materials. According to KPOST, waterproofing and/or sealants that are exposed to our Texas climate have a typical life expectancy of 5-10 years.

“These numbers represent the manufacturer’s commitment to the materials. However, this assumes that the installation and subsequent maintenance occurs,” said Steve. “Unfortunately, installations that were poorly executed will minimize the timeframes listed.”

Minimal property and commercial roofing system maintenance will make a big difference in the life of building materials, reducing capital expenditures with major replacements and positively impacting the bottom line.

More information on the life cycles of different building materials as well as free resources on making the right decision for commercial property maintenance is available via the Latest News section of their company website.

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