Temple U. Professor Encourages Social Media Users to Think Before They React

Philadelphia, PA

Will Saturday Night Live's newest hires really be a game-changer for black female comedians on network TV?  What was behind the outcry over NFL player Richard Sherman's viral rant heard around the world? And how telling was it, when three white Jeopardy contestants, side-stepped the Black History category? These are just a few of the hot topics Temple University Journalism Professor Karen Turner, has encouraged people to sound off on using the social media platform, "Professor Karen's Corner," on Facebook and Twitter. Turner, also a writer and national commentator, offers her "Two Cents," as she refers to it, on pop culture, the media, and controversial, social issues of the day. She asks her audience, after careful consideration, to do the same. The idea, she says, is to challenge more people in social media to think before they react. "It's easy to complain and react about an issue, but how do we further the dialogue to effect real change,?" Turner asked.

Turner was recently a guest on Sirius/XM Radio's Inside the Issues, with Host Dr. Wilmer Leon. They discussed Saturday Night Live's decision to hire two African-American comedians and the effect that could have for more opportunities for black female comics. The discussion sparked several phone calls and lively debate. "It was a great show," said Host Dr. Wilmer Leon. "Too often there is just rhetoric about issues and not enough real analysis and thought. It's great to see social commentary from people like Professor Karen, who are using social media to encourage dialogue and more importantly, challenge people to not just react, but to think about solutions. We aim to do the same thing every week on my show," said Leon.

Karen M. Turner is an associate professor and director of the broadcast journalism concentration in the Department of Journalism at Temple University. She served as department chair from 2000-2003. Ms. Turner teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in broadcast journalism, performance, race studies, and media law and ethics. She is a 2013 recipient of the Lindback Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award and was selected the inaugural recipient of the School of Communications and Theater’s Innovative Teaching award in 2004. Turner was awarded a Spring 2011 sabbatical to take a reflective look at her online race media studies course that she’s taught since 1997.

Before joining the Temple faculty in 1992, Turner was the press secretary to former Philadelphia Mayor Edward Rendell. She has extensive experience as a radio journalist and talk radio interviewer having worked in such markets as Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and New Brunswick, NJ. 

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