Wireless CCTV Fitted AA Vehicles Respond to Wide-Spread Flooding in UK

As many regions of southern England were hit by heavy rainfall in January and February 2014, leading to wide-spread flooding, AA Special Operations Response Team (SORT) vehicles fitted with wireless CCTV systems were instrumental in the rescue and recovery of motorists left stranded by the conditions.

AA SORT was formed following the Gloucester and Tewksbury floods of 2007 to supplement regular patrols in times of severe weather. The team uses specially equipped Land Rovers, which have been deployed nationwide during periods of heavy snow and flooding.

Two of the team’s Land Rovers have been equipped with wireless CCTV systems, allowing live and recorded images from to be transmitted to multi-agency control rooms as well as the AA National Deployment Centre. The systems have proved invaluable to AA SORT, not only in ensuring the safety of crews and customers, but also by being deployed in multi-agency environments providing images straight into Gold and Silver command.

The Wireless CCTV system is provided by the company Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV) a market leading provider of rapidly deployable, portable CCTV and surveillance systems.  WCCTV combines the latest innovations in mobile communication and CCTV technologies to provide products that deliver live and recorded video, alerts and census data gathering via mobile phone networks – including 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi and satellite technologies.

WCCTV can provide fixed or portable, overt or covert vehicle based solutions. The 1, 2 or 4 camera systems can be utilised with overt internal and external cameras as typically used on highways, incident support or Local Authority CCTV vehicles, or covertly by insurance investigators and security forces. All live and recorded video can be accessed remotely from a control room or via mobile devices. WCCTV can provide a full installation and maintenance service.

Daron Burness, Head of AA Sort, said of the vehicle CCTV system: “Being able to transfer images of weather conditions in remote or badly affected areas ensures we’re able to better anticipate and respond to emergency situations as they occur. We’re delighted with the flexibility and the reliability of service provided by WCCTV”.

A full product datasheet containing all specifications of the Wireless CCTV Vehicle Fitted Solution can be downloaded here. A recording taken from the system’s hard drive can be seen here for illustrative purposes.

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