Reaching Out to the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, Shild Company Highlights Its Custom Made Leather Placemats, Menu Covers, and More

Yonkers, New York, January 14, 2014- Shild Company has been creating and manufacturing products designed to customer specifications in the hospitality and restaurant industry for seven decades. The company's menu covers, coasters, placemats, and more can be made from a variety of materials in a number of styles based on the choice of the customer.

"While a lot of companies offer shoddy disposable items in cookie cutter styles for restaurants and hotels, we have continued to go the other way. We offer only high quality materials and skilled manufacturing of our leather coasters, wooden menu covers, and the wide selection of other items we specialize in," said Raphael Halpert, CEO of Shild Company.

Using high end materials such as genuine leather, bonded leather, Italian urethanes, Castilian vinyl, as well as specially chosen woods and metals allows this Brooklyn based company to tout the durability of these specially made items. That reputation for quality materials and durable work has allowed many of the company's menu covers, leather coasters, and placemats to enhance the experience of people in restaurants, hotels, and resorts nationwide.

In order to stand out from the pack, many of these businesses make an effort to create a decor of elegance and professionalism that competitors simply do not have. Including these items that are specially made for these establishments can help create a more elegant feel.

To learn more about Shild Company, visit its website or call the company directly at (866) 435-2949. Information about Shild Company products is also available on Facebook at or on Twitter at Interested readers can find the company’s blog updates about the hospitality world at