Windshield can sometimes be repaired

                                  Expensive replacement of windshield not always necessary because it can be repaired

July 8 ,2014 - It used to be that a crack in a windshield meant the whole sheet of glass had to be replaced.

That’s no longer the case thanks to advances in car glass repair technology. John Springer, the general manager at Ft Bend Windshield Repair company in Katy, Texas, said drivers should ask about repair before making a much more expensive replacement decision.

“A new windshield can be several hundred dollars. Repairing a simple crack could cost less than $100,” he said. “That’s a pretty easy financial decision. Save money, save your windshield.”

Cracks around the edges are easiest to fix, but they must be repaired before the crack spreads and ruins the integrity of the whole pane of glass. Mr. Springer said that is why people should not wait to get the repair.

“You get a rock that puts a crack in the edge and it doesn’t seem like much. But, when you close your car up in a hot parking lot, that crack will spread because of the heat and pressure inside the car,” he said. “Don’t wait. Call an automotive glass company as soon as you can.”

People who don’t have time to take a care into a shop for repair work don’t have to worry about most glass repairs. It can be done wherever the vehicle is parked.

“Our repair crews go to offices, mall parking lots and homes. All we need is access to the vehicle and your permission to work,” he said.

Many auto insurance policies carry a glass rider, but not all do. Mr. Springer said a driver should know for sure what the vehicle insurance will cover and won’t cover as well as the deductible.

“Some policies are 100 percent covered and some are not. If your insurance does not cover the cost of replacing windshields, I do recommend you talk to your agent about adding this coverage,” he said.

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