COMPOSER: Charlie Chaplin • John Adams • Ruggero Leoncavallo • Alfred Schnittke • Kurt Schwertsik • Johannes Brahms • Richard Wagner • Benjamin Britten

ARTIST: Oper Leipzig • Mario Schröder • Tyler Galster • Amelia Waller • Urania Lobo Garcia • Alexander Teutscher • Vanessa Shield • Isis Calil de Albuquerque • Romy Avemarg • Oliver Preiß

2059824 | 880242598240

1 BluRay | US SRP $39.99


2059828 | 880242598288

1 DVD | US SRP $24.99

•       The little guy with his mustache, his bowler hat and his bamboo cane is world-famous. But who is the man behind this figure? Mario Schröder wondered the same thing when choreographing Chaplin.

•       “Schröder’s ballet, Chaplin is a grand, marvelous dream of a man in search of himself, in search of a language to deliver a direct message; for the indirect ones, he finds body language and thus his tone of truth.” –Tanznetz



COMPOSER: Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

ARTIST:Mats Ek • Mariko Kida • Anthony Lomuljo • Arsen Mehrabyan • Marie Lindqvist • Royal Swedish Orchestra • Alexander Polianichko

715704 | 814337011574

1 BluRay | US SRP $39.99


715608 | 814337011567

1 DVD | US SRP $24.99

•       Mats Ek is a highly esteemed choreographer; he is often a guest choreographer with major international dance companies. He created Sleeping Beauty for the Hamburg Ballet (1996), A Sort Of for the Nederlands Dans Theater (1997), and Apartment for the Paris Opera (2000).

•       Romeo and Juliet becomes Juliet & Romeo when Ek presents his full-length work to excerpts from various Tchaikovsky works, with its first performance by the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Royal Opera House.



COMPOSER: Ludwig Minkus

ARTIST: Marianela Nunez • Carlos Acosta • Christopher Saunders • Philip Mosley • Gary Avis • Bennet Gartside • Ryoichi Hirano • Laura Morera • Orchestra of the Royal Opera House • Martin Yates

OA BD7143D | 809478071433

1 BluRay | US SRP $39.99


OA 1133D | 809478011330

1 DVD | US SRP $29.99


•       Ludwig Minkus’ Don Quixote is one of ballet’s 19th century classics.

•       Carlos Acosta’s first work for the Royal Ballet as choreographer.

•       Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, 2013 and simulcast to cinemas worldwide.

•       Stunning performances from dancers Marianela Nuñez and Acosta.

•       Extra features include “An Introduction to Carlos Acosta’s Don Quixote” and a cast gallery.




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