Bristol Online Electronic Store By Steamlite Is All Set To Cater The E-Cigs Lovers Of Bristol


Bristol, UK (March 3, 2014): An amazing looking, less harmful alternative of regular smoking has been introduced for the smokers of Bristol. The company is regarded to be the largest presenters on safe electronic cigarettes in every part of UK.  The highly functional delivery system of the company makes sure, that, the customers can get their e-cigs and electronic cigarette accessories within two to three business days, from ordering.

E liquid in Bristol has always been in great demand. SteamLite has launched a huge collection of high quality fresh smelling electronic liquids for the buyers through their online showroom. The company brings in authentic real tobacco flavor for those who love to get the same satisfaction rage of a real cigarettes. Cinnamon flavored e-liquids are flavored with mild aroma. Cherry flavored e-liquid has been filled with the fresh smelling fine cherries.

Chocolate flavored electronic liquids offer a romantic flavor of chocolate. Chocolate is the most preferred flavor around the world. SteamLite has also introduced the exotic flavors of strawberries. The company has also launched the fruity smelling banana e liquid. Apart from these, these have introduced numerous authentic flavors of best quality. Each of these electronic cigarette liquids are offered at £3.99 only.

Electronic cigarette in Bristol by SteamLite is of great quality. They company has presented a grand line of fantastically designed kits. The steamLite starter kit, e cigs premium kits, standard kits of electronic cigarettes, self charging pocket kits and many more for the convenience of the smokers. The expert team of the company has always been conscious about presenting similar looking electronic cigs, like that of the conventional cigarettes. All these cigarettes are free from the evil side effects of Tar and hundreds of harmful chemicals. This is a significantly great initiative, which has been taken with the vision of cleaner and less polluted world.

Customers around the city have been found to be impressed with the e cigarette Bristol and the related products offered by Steamlite.  Carol Mathew has recently tried the mesmerizing cinnamon flavored e liquid of this company. Caron confirms, “Cinnamon is my favorite flavor and very few companies can actually come up with such an accurate flavor of cinnamon like Steamlite. I am in love with the amazing aroma and fresh flavor of the company. They also offer the best price in the market. I truly love the uniqueness of the great company and their amazing and timely service.”

About SteamLite:
SteamLite is a market leader in presenting high quality electronic cigarettes. This company is located in UK.