The improvement and development course of the popular LED lighting technology

China - The development and practical application of LED lighting technology can be said a voluminous story, which could be divided into many stage and breakthrough. Today, to let consumers know clear about the briefly history of LED¡¯s development, the editor from , professional China LED high bay manufacturer, personally written this article and hope everybody could get the useful information they want from here.

The LED lighting product which created by the principles of semiconductor PN junction appeared in the early 1960s. The material used for producing LED light at that time should be the so called GaAsP, which could generate red light. When the driving current reaches to 20 mA, the corresponding luminous efficiency could be about 0.1 lumens per watt.

When time stepped into the Mid-1970s, the introduction of elements In and N let the LED produces green, yellow and orange lights. At the same time, the luminous efficiency is also increased and improved to 1 lumen per watt. This should be the pleasure progress for LED technology.

At the early stage of 1980s, there had been created the GaAlAs LED lighting source , so that the red LED light efficiency of 10 lumens per watt.

The editor from led high bay said that the successful development of GaAlInP which could generate the red and yellow light and GaInN which can be used for generating green and blue light at the early 1990s make LED light efficiency had been greatly improved. In 2000, the LED light which produced by GaAlInP reached to luminous efficiency of 100 lm per W in red and orange lighting area while the LED light made of the latter i GaInN could only get the light efficiency of 50 lm per watt in the green zone.

Originally, the LED product was only used as LED indication in the electrical instruments. Later, LED light in variety of light-color had been widely used in traffic lights and outdoor displaying, resulting in a good economic and social benefits. Taking the 12 inches red traffic lights as example, the United States used the long-life and low efficiency 140 watt incandescent lamp as a light source in the past, which could produce 2000 lumens of white light. After the application of red filter, the light loss could reach to 90 percent. That could be said very energy consuming. However, after the application of LED light, the light loss could be controlled at 20 percent. Nowadays, the modern LED lighting product such as led LED High Bay Lights only has 10% light loss.

The LED lights could be also very crucial for automotive light applications. This is because the fast response of LED light (nanosecond level) which could largely reduce the rate of rear-end accident.

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