The Wallace Organization Is Now Launching All Types Of Automobile Parts In One Platform



Deira, Dubai (January 06, 2014) - The Wallace Organization is satisfied to proclaim its association with various auto parts. This new site will permit many buyers to buy parts of the branded automobiles at a single platform with reasonable price.


“The site is proud to have more than many parts of different models of cars and other vehicles. All the major brands of automobiles have their parts here for the better accessibility of the customers. We have understood the problem of the buyers that they have to search different places for different parts. So we have come up with all the parts at one single platform”.


Various parts of the cars are provided here such as of mercedes benz parts, Toyota auto parts, oem ford parts, Honda oem parts, classic car parts.


Not only cars, various parts of the heavy vehicles are found available here on the site. Ford truck parts are a known part of the heavy vehicle.


The site empowers the clients to shop, buy items, and have them transported to their address. Inside 4 hours of receipt, the site will give a definite rundown of all things in the shipment inside the client's record. This incorporates a PDF of the receipt and pictures of everything. Clients can join various buys as it is a productive approach to decrease the universal delivery cost. The point when clients submit an online request, shipments are ready for worldwide travel with a keep tabs on pressing quality and precise traditions documentation. Conveyance is normally made inside 1-5 days, contingent upon the client's area.


All requests are stuffed securely and safely in a crate made particularly for the client's request. The site’s mechanized warehouse utilizes lasers to figure out the size and weight of every shipment. This diminishes transportation costs and the likelihood of harm because of human failure.


Clients can stay educated on the whereabouts of their bundle throughout shipment. The site utilizes many straightforward warning channels for clients to gain data and notices on their shipment utilizing.


When the car parts are transformed for universal transporting, a following number is allocated. Clients can enter this following number into a following page to see that their shipments are en route. The following will indicate the bundle whereabouts from the time it leaves until it is conveyed and marked for at the client's end of the line.


About the company

The Wallace Organization is a solution about the various parts of the branded automobiles. The site has been serving the customers with the huge lot of parts for all kinds of models.

The customers can buy parts at



Eugene Wallace 

00353 91449059




902 Al Reem Tower, Maktoum Street, Deira, DUBAI. UAE.