Museum of the American West

Museum of the American West
Founded by motivated Lander community members in 1998

How does Museum of the American West (MAW) serve Lander? The Museum of the American West offers Lander residents and visitors a unique, not for profit outdoor/indoor museum complex that honors the cultural history of the Pioneers and Native Americans on the western frontier. MAW seeks to preserve local history, stimulate cultural awareness, educate museum visitors and provide many outreach programs. The museum has developed the Pioneer Village and its beautiful grounds, which include a Traveler’s Center for the City of Lander. In 2013, a total of 12,458 people visited the museum.

How will your Challenge for Charities donation to the Museum of the American West make a difference in Lander this year? MAW will utilize funds raised through Challenge for Charities to sustain museum operations and maintenance. Funding will pay for utilities, materials and contracts necessary to offer museum exhibits, events, and outreach programs. Donations help support educational programming and opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages.  Through these endeavors, MAW creates a visitor destination that provides a positive, quality cultural heritage experience, stimulates the local economy and promotes cultural awareness in our community.

How else can you help Museum of the American West? MAW is an all-volunteer organization.  Volunteers are always needed to help plan, build, and maintain displays and exhibits. MAW also welcomes volunteers to assist with the building and grounds maintenance of the Pioneer Village.
What else? MAW has been a catalyst in the long process of the construction of the new Fremont County Pioneer Museum. MAW hopes to develop the Lander Museum Complex into a seamless entity that will become a destination for interested travelers and community members. Additionally, MAW currently offers a summer school for youth in grades two through six and operates a performance arena and livery barn that community members and organizations are able to utilize for dances, concerts, and various events.

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