Newly released thermal conductivity ceramic film should be the best replacement for the traditional aluminum plate in LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS

China – As the introduction of technician from led high bay lights which is the professional China online supplier for led high bay, currently, most of the LED lighting products apply the aluminum plate. This structure has many technical problem such as the bad heating radiation of the insulation layer which consisted of lead and epoxy, high optical decay rate which will lead to the actually service life less than the theory service life and many other problems.

In order to solve these problems, there are companies which launched a new series of LED lighting products with the new thermal conductivity ceramic film which could effectively help to solve many of the above deficiencies of traditional lamp. The high quality led high bay from is the very good example for this. New conductivity ceramic film already achieves the six revolutionary breakthroughs in the performance of the product. These six breakthroughs are less light fades smaller, safer application, more environmentally friendly, longer service life, wider application scope and better energy saving. All of these advantage show with people that the new thermal conductivity ceramic film should be the mainstream in the future.

The technician from said: The ceramic film technology will instead of aluminum body panels and aluminum casing. With the help of this technology, the LED tubes will be directly welded on the ceramic substrate and then the ceramic substrate will be welded to the aluminum plate. The above working process will remove the effect of epoxy resin and thermal plastic so LED thermal resistance will be greatly reduced. Compared to the traditional aluminum plate and aluminum shell technology, the thermal radiation properties of ceramic membrane technology own more advantages. The LED high bay lights which makes use of ceramic membrane technology have longer service life as its good thermal resistance, small temperature rising and other features. The thermal ceramic both owns the insulation performance and thermal conductive performance. On the other hand, it also has the features of high rigidity and resistance to corrosion.

Although this new workmanship is very attractive and will highly enhance the performance of the , it could not be quickly and widely applied into the production area. The technician revealed that there are also many processes and steps which need to be explored in the research and development of the application of ceramic substrate and the LED high bay lights which made by the ceramic film technology does not have great capacity.

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