(TRAVPR.COM) GERMANY - April 16th, 2014 - Ever wanted to see how an airline caterer gets an airline meal to your seat? Inflight Feed the tasty online guide to airline food revamped their website this week and the team decided to put together a brief video on how Latvian based airline Air Baltic gets a meal to your seat.

'Sure airline food gets a bad wrap usually but if you really start to think about the processes and what has to be done behind the scenes to get a meal to your seat, you might just re think your opinion!' said Nikos Loukas founder of

The video takes a look at how business and economy class meals are prepared at the airlines catering facility, then arranged on meal trays and kept fresh all before being delivered to your flight. Air Baltic is famous for their 2013 invention of the website concept which allows economy class passengers the option to pre order up to 70 different inflight meal options up to 48 hours prior to departure. This rather cool system allows passengers to choose whatever meal, drink and dessert they would like on their airline meal tray. You simply pick and choose exactly what you want on your meal tray and the meal is then served to you inflight as per your exact order! At their facility in Riga their catering partner LSG make around 4500 meals every day and the airline sells around 14,000 cups of coffee every month.