Delivering Most Durable Patio Covers Installation Service

Leading window, solar and exterior siding specialists, Northwest Exteriors now offer durable custom patio covers and installation services.The company’s patio and deck covers are durable and offered in broad range of designs, including enclosed patio covers or sunrooms, roofed and open covers. These durable patio covers are available with limited lifetime installation warranty throughout California. The company also provides a range of other services, including window replacement, doors, siding, walk-in bathtubs and solar facilities, which are available with rebate and financing services. Free estimates are available on the website.

The spokesperson discussed about advantages of custom patio covers and said, “Customized covers not just offer great protection for your decking area, they also act as a reflection of your sense of style. They can protect your home from rain and UV rays, ensuring that the patio area is weather resistant in all seasons. Patio Covers can be an excellent investment if you have delicate plants. Most of the covers are durable, lasting for a lifetime, made from aluminum or steel. They don’t crack, fade or rot and therefore, you never have to worry about exchanging and purchasing them over again. Since patio covers can be designed without walls, they don’t take much space.”

Apart from custom patio covers, Northwest Exteriors are popular for their window replacement facilities, through which customers can claim for tax credit of 10 percent. The company currently provides customized vinyl windows among a range of other products, including walk-ins for hydrotherapy benefits. These tubs can be used by individuals with disabilities, children and people with mobility issues.

Established 25 years ago, Northwest Exteriors also offers siding facilities, along with solar energy products and a range of other energy saving services. Sidings are available from Dream Designer Brands, Crameboard, CertainTeed and Exteria. Customers can also claim $500 tax credit for their doors under the Form 5695 Residential Energy Savings. Solar energy systems come with 30 year warranty on panels and 40 years warranty on their design life. It is a member of PG&E Residential Energy Efficiency Program.

The spokesperson added, “We aim to provide holistic range of exterior services to give your interiors a harmonized look. That’s why our custom patio covers can be personalized with our range of other services, such as window replacement, doors and siding to ensure that everything is amalgamated in your home décor.”
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About Northwest Exteriors
Leaders in window, solar and exterior siding, Northwest Exteriors is a popular, certified contractor company. Established 25 years ago, the company offers replacement windows, solar panels, siding bars and a range of other services and facilities. It is a member of PG&E Residential Energy Efficiency Program.