Slater's 50/50 - Top 10 Tips for a Better Burger This Memorial Day

(Southern California) - Memorial Day 2014 is upon us. That blessed 3-day weekend where people sit back, relax, enjoy a cold one and christen their barbecues after a long winter hibernation. But just be sure not to be That Guy. You know, the one who brags about his burger grilling prowess and then sadly commits an array of barbecue sins, resulting in dried out, shriveled up little hockey pucks.

Slater's 50/50 is here to help you be The Man this Memorial Day with a list of Chef Brad Lyon's Top 10 Tips for a Better Burger:

  1. Charcoal is the way to go. It provides a greater depth of flavor than propane and isn't as much of a hassle as you'd think. Put the lighter fluid down and try chimney starter instead so you taste the food, not the chemicals.  
  2. Be sure to season your grill. Wipe it down with some cooking oil to avoid food from sticking and to jump start flavors.
  3. Using a variety of cuts, meats and grinds can truly transform the flavor profile of your burger. One of our favorite combinations is beef and sausage – either chorizo or Italian – it adds complex taste and is a great way to infuse regional or cultural flavors.
  4. Let your motto be “Let it Be” – Try not to overwork the meat when prepping and definitely don't over season – good quality beef doesn’t require too much “doctoring.”
  5. Flip no burger before its time. We all have our moments and so does your food, so don’t rush it. 
  6. Don’t put a lid on it – to get a good char and that professional quality and taste, grill uncovered.
  7. Bacon makes it better. Trust us on this one. 
  8. Think outside the bun. In other words, get creative. Burgers are probably one of the most versatile foods on the planet, so let your freak flag fly and pile on your favorite toppings.
  9. Toasted buns are the best buns. Toss them on the grill for a few seconds and change the way you view your bread. 
  10. Use quality ingredients. All of these tips are useless unless you use quality product. This doesn't mean expensive ingredients... it can be as simple as using fresh instead of frozen. Get the best your budget will allow.

About Slater's 50/50

Slater’s 50/50® was founded in 2009 in Anaheim Hills, California by Scott Slater, a SoCal native with a passion for over the top comfort food and craft beer. Teaming up with Executive Chef Brad Lyons, they created the world’s first 50/50 patty– made of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef – and began to cultivate a niche centered on 'Excesstasy' (excess + ecstasy= the overwhelming excitement felt when indulging in the Slater's 50/50 experience), where guests need not make apologies for making the most of their completely customizable Slater's dining experience. In the past four years, subsequent locations have opened in San Diego, Huntington Beach, Pasadena, Lake Forest and Rancho Cucamonga, much to the delight of bacon, burger and craft beer worshipers everywhere. Since opening, Slater’s 50/50 has won numerous "Best Of" awards and is consistently featured in top tier media outlets including, Food & Wine, Huffington Post, The Howard Stern Show and has also been featured on national television shows including the Travel Channel’s Bacon Paradise and Discovery Channel’s United States of Bacon.

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