Texas Pastor Offers Insight Pertaining To Possible Clues Behind Insanity and Violence!

(Houston TX- June 2014) Pastor Keion Henderson of The LightHouse Church in Texas is sharing his insight on insanity and violence via his BlogTalk Radio show.  He discussed his opinion on some of the root indicators from which insanity draws its strength.

Pastor Keion Henderson is the head of one of the largest growing Christian congregation's in Texas. The Church has been a rock to the community, hosting several events to serve all people (young, old, rich, poor, etc.) living in Texas, London, and South Africa. Pastor Henderson has built a reputation for bringing some sort of clarity to controversial issues with dignity and knowledge. He is addressing recent media headlines concerning violence and mental illness  during his new Blog Talk Radio show.

“A research poll suggests that 26.4% of Americans have some sort of mental illness. I want to address recent headlines and issues regarding the detection of mental illness within authority figures on a local and national level. Because if the research is accurate, then 1 out of every 4 police officers, teachers, judges and students suffer from insanity on some level” said Pastor Keion Henderson. “I encourage everyone to call in and give me their opinion. It's in our disagreements that we find solutions. I know the topic may be difficult for some, but we need to discuss it to solve it.

 Pastor Henderson is  prepared to interview with qualified members of media regarding the recent shootings in California and Washington, as well as present practical solutions ready for today’s culture with the incorporation of the compassion and forgiveness God would want inserted.  LISTEN LIVE

Members of the media may interview Pastor Henderson by  contacting his media team. PRTEAM@ITSTHINKZILLA.COM

Pastor Keion Dwayne Henderson’s ministry was shaped at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana under the leadership of Dr. Cato Brooks Jr.   He organized New Horizon Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana before organizing Texas Mega-church, The Lighthouse Church.  The Lighthouse Church has 139 charter members has grown to over 2,500 members strong. Pastor Henderson has shared the Gospel all over the nation, in Europe, and Africa and was recently nominated for a CNN Heroes award for 2014.  He has been featured on syndicated radio, as a resource for a variety of broadcast publications, and is available to guest blog for qualified opportunities.  For more information about Pastor Keion Henderson and The Lighthouse Church, visit or