Little implants as excellent enlarged prostate treatment option minimally invasive and without risks

In Germany is available a mild, minimally invasive and effective treatment method for men wide spread disease number one, enlarged prostate gland (benign prostate hyperplasia or bph). UroLift® permanent implants can be a rapid relief of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Symptoms ofenlarged prostate

Enlarged prostate gland is a worldwide very wide spread disease. Many men suffer from the symptoms, such as a frequent urge to toilet, a weak urinary stream or a not fully voided bladder. Afflictions are noticed with the fourth decade of life. 

A prostate enlargement is a benign condition, at which tissue of the organ expands and presses on the urethra that is going though the prostate. Sequelae of this enlargement are not only unpleasantly, it can have as well health effects: a not fully voided bladder can lead to painful inflammation due to the rest-urine inside of the bladder.

Therapies forprostate enlargement


Often tablets are prescribed by doctors in order to widen the urethra or to shrink the prostate. Not uncommonly is it necessary to interfere into the hormonal balance of the man. Surgical operations are offered too, such as electrical sling or laser with that the excess tissue will be deleted. These common therapies are risky and bring side effects such as impotency, ejaculation disorders (retrograde ejaculation) or incontinence.

Not worldwide but in Germany already another treatment method is available and accredited. It has no side effects or risks. The system is designed to pull back the prostate tissue that is pressing on the urethra. The system by Neotract uses small implants that are placed to open the urethra directly by retracting the obstructing prostatic lobes without applying any incisions.

This leads to an improvement of symptoms approximately 10-14 days after to the ambulant treatment. This 30 minute treatment allows patients durable and long lasting freedom of symptoms over years. Without significant side-effects and risks, such like retrograde ejaculation (dry orgasm), incontinence or erectile dysfunction, which other methods or surgeries have. 

UroLift® treatment provider in Europe

Germany is with its high quality medical standard and best educated doctors, medical location number one for foreign patients. The treatment with implants to lift the enlarged prostate can be in Germany only performed by certified doctors and clinics. Healthcare provider Boto Medical arranges discretely for international patients these treatments only to renowned and leading specialists in charge. Premium services such as transfer, affiliate hotel reservations and personal support in patients native language are inclusive to make treatment and the stay most pleasant. Additional and individual first class services, that round out the overall stay, can be easily ordered. Absolute discretion is guaranteed.   

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Boto Medical is an international specialized healthcare facilitator who offers selected treatment options and methods that are unique, unparalleled and in particular innovative. Treatments provided in Germany, a medical destination No.1 with excellent reputation and one of the world’s best medical care, meeting highest international standards. Only performed by world’s leading specialists in their area, as well as internationally acknowledged clinics supported by the latest medical and information technology.

The first class facilitator takes care of any patient and organizes any necessary for the stay and treatment in Germany. An extensive premium service is always inclusive. No language barriers or discomforts due to treatment and stay in Germany.

At the moment selected unique treatments are offered that are innovative in the field of urology, dermatology for severe atopic dermatitis and as well pain treat- and management by neurostimulation.


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