Let all of Nike soccer cleats fanciers enhance knowledge of the creation of Nike Mercurial SL

UK – In the Dark night street where people could not clearly identify their fingers, a old wagon is gradually approaching to the screen and then some hurry people take out a pair of shoes and hand it to100 meters champion Powell after testing the weight of it. After receiving this shoe, he put on this special shoe and completes the 100m test which record is 9.94s. Powell dropped a word before leaving:¡±Tell them, they’re fast.” Then, this pair of shoes is handed to Drogba’s hands twelve hours later in London,

This is not fiction and novel but the specifically advertising shoot for nike cr mercurial vapor ix SL which had been officially lunched in early August of 2008. This pair of shoes had been listed on the PDS. The offering price which is up to 239 pounds had been fully ignored by majority of fan. Why the highly price of it could be ignored by football fans? That should be depended on its unique designation concept and the overturning material. Today, the professional Nike Mercurial cleats online seller www.mercurialscleats.comwill introduce with people the creating history of this shoe.

As the designer Nike Mercurial SL, the first designation concept of Peter Hudson should be the creation of the lightest and fastest football boots which could also be known as Superlight and Supersonic. With the help of strong capital, technology and human resources of Nike, Peter Hudson can be said to break all boundaries of science and design and creating an football cleats which has been consisted of the entirely carbon fiber materials. The weight of 190 grams already let this shoe become the world lightest soccer shoes. On the other hand, by far, this shoe is also the fastest response, toughness strongest and most solid football boots.

The editor from website also introduced with people the unique features of the sole of this Soccer Cleats SL. In order to create the highest performance shoe sole, Nike established cooperation with the German company to create a 7 layer carbon compound material sole and then mixed with TPU and polyurethane, which could let the material achieve the best performance.

Furthermore, the unique feature of this shoe could let wearer’s foot gets closer to the ground and giving players a sense of smooth flow. On the other hand, the inner reinforcement could provide enough support for people’s foot and increase the impact force when the toe kicks the ball.

The special material Spike of Nike Mercurial SL could let the athletes who run fast get ideal ground gripping force. So, they effectively increase their running speed by the help of these lovely spikes.

At the end, all of these factors had been integrated into the shoe which has been call Nike Mercurial SL today. This shoe could be regarded as the milestone in the history of football shoes.


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