Travel nursing jobs leader, Aureus Medical, shares information on blood testing to predict Alzheimer’s

Omaha, NE, (March 25, 2014) - While treating seniors on travel nursing jobs, you may find that some individuals express symptoms of early Alzheimer's. Healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical Group, shares information on how blood tests might be able to predict Alzheimer’s.

While this common form of dementia cannot currently be cured, medical advancements are making it easier to detect. This is important for patients, as preventative measures may delay the onset of the mental disease. One such update in the healthcare industry is a blood test that may be able to foresee Alzheimer's in the near future.

Discovery of blood testing
Researchers from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Georgetown University Medical Center conducted a study by drawing blood from hundreds of healthy seniors. Five years later, the authors of the study found that 28 of the participants had developed Alzheimer's or mild cognitive problems. When looking at these blood samples specifically, 10 lipid levels were lower in those with the disease, setting the dementia patients apart from their healthy counterparts. To further confirm their findings, the investigators turned to 54 other Alzheimer's sufferers. These individuals also had low levels of the same fats.

The lead author noted to CNN that they were surprised to have been looking in the right place. From here, it will be up to patients to get the blood tests once they become available. However, this is a very personal decision to be made and, depending on the results, patients and their families may require counseling following the diagnosis.

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