keyboard_arrow_up Tips: The four Principle of weight lose that weight won't bounce back quickly

we introduce below is a simple way to weight lose diet - 4321 gold weight principle, with this diet, not only could lose fat and increase muscle, but also can become healthy, thin and beautiful.


The four is refers to the total weight (except fruit) into four equal pieces.

The three means there are three classes from plant-based foods.

The two refers to which must have two equal parts of dark vegetables, another equal parts is whole grain rhizome.

The one refers to the final equal parts is milk, egg, fish, meat, beans, black beans, green soy bean products, a meal to have two kinds of a diet rich in protein, best source plants and animals.


First, we divide boxes into four equal parts, and then start following a few principles, start implementing indeed.


Principle one:

Two equal parts vegetables meal intake and must is deep yellow, dark red, or dark green vegetables. It is really important to weight loss.


Principle two:

Whole grain root-stock is better metabolism. The fine processing of rice, wheat flour is not have nutritional value, if we eat three square meals these delicate five grains is easy to eat into the heat, but did not get enough nutrients. So that the trash even excess fat and calories cannot be metabolism.


Principle three:

High quality is indispensable to grow muscle protein raw material.

High quality protein is not indispensable raw materials, but the growing muscle is all function, hormones, blood, body organs necessary to growth and development, therefore, suggest that modern meal diet should contain animal and plant sources, such as chicken, tofu, bean curd and soybean, soybean milk + protein, fish, bean curd and so on.


Principle four:

Every meal should match with each meal.

Meals are required to match a fruit for weight loss (there are three kinds of different fruits one day). The weight of the fruit will be subject to a fist size (of course is his fist size). But you need to note that on the selection of fruit, it is best to avoid melon fruit, such as watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, because this kind of fruit have high sugar, low fiber, and it is easier to let the body blood sugar fluctuations. Most importantly is that to eat fruit with fresh cut, never be juice, once into juice, sugar easier absorption, also is more likely to cause blood sugar is not stable. When blood sugar and high or low, will cause the body fat is not easy to catabolism.


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