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Seattle, WA -29/05/2014 - “I am happy to receive any items of jewelry”, says Katie Price. While this is as true as the quote “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, it is also true that there is a stain in the market today. Counterfeits have become so real that one can hardly make out the difference.

In such a scenario, Bashford Jewelry really stands out. With the mission of giving back to community, creating awareness, protecting the environment and generating employability, the ethical standards are very high. The raw material used is sourced through ethical sources, and the diamonds and gems used are conflict free. So much so, they are confident enough to provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, which speaks volumes about the quality of the jewelry.

There is a wide range of jewelry available. The Forever Heart Diamond Engagement Ring, the Dream Diamond Engagement Ring and the Serendipity Love Diamond Engagement Ring are all trademarks. Bashford Jewelry also hosts a stunning and gorgeous collection of wedding bands for men and women, right from vintage, classic, unique, modern and personalized. The men’s jewelry range is also wide. Be it wedding bands, fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces, or even jewelry personalized for sports, soldiers and vets, it is all available.

Even so, the main aim of Bashford Jewelry is to produce eco friendly jewelry, and use ethically sourced diamonds for each piece of jewelry. What they are aiming t do is simple: to create awareness about our environment by stressing on sourcing only conflict free diamonds and gemstones. If there is a way we can give back to environment, nature and society, it is by not contributing in unethical means. Bashford Jewelry does just that: it wants to build a jewelry industry that is sustainable.

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About Bashford Jewellery
Started by Mildred Stephens in a small house in a village in Philippines, the idea was to start a business and give back to community through ethical and responsible sourcing of materials. This, today, has grown to be the leading provider of engagement and wedding jewelry, men’s jewelry, earrings, fine jewelry, wedding gifts and dresses. The mission of Bradford Jewelry is to create awareness and protect the environment through using conflict free diamonds and gemstones.

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