Best Way to Remove a Bee Hive

Bee relocation companies get calls from customer that have bees everyday from all over needing bee relocation in Florida. Some of the most populated Cities in Florida needing bee relocation are Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Miami, and West Palm Beach.  Some will ask me how to perform a bee relocation themselves?  We don’t recommend that as it’s not only dangerous, it’s a hazard to others around.  You have up to 50,000 bees or more in a colony and it only takes 1,000 to kill a grown man.  Bee relocation in can also be pretty sticky, especially if you have a hive in the roof or wall of your home.    You  may see bees trafficking in and out of a hole in your fascia, soffit, wall, or maybe even a column.  The bees typically won’t go any further than 6″ from where they enter in the hole.  If you experience this a bee hive relocation is a must!  If the hive is left inside due to your self or an exterminator spraying and killing the bees at a cheaper cost the following will happen…believe it or not the bees flapping their wings is what keeps the honey cool causing it to stay in the comb.  Once all the bees are killed the honey starts to melt, most of the time being gallons of honey!  Once all the honey melts into the structure of your home you then start to attract ants, roaches, maggots, rodents, etc. but that’s not all!  You will experience an awful smell along with mold.  It doesn’t stop there, you are also now opening your home up to more future bee problems.  With a hive left inside you can guarantee your bees will be back.  Not only do you have eggs inside that will eventually hatch, your also attracting any other wild bees due to the pheromone smell. If you are experiencing anything like this and your wanting the job done right the first time and safely, call a bee removal professional.