Mobile Recruiting Gone Wild… Hello Are You There?

Leaders, Recruiters and HR pros (even if it’s a team of one person) have a true breakthrough tool in mobile recruiting and hiring. And its usage is growing exponentially. Over a billion job searches are conducted on a mobile device every month. That adds up to a global talent pool that is far and wide. As a result, mobile-friendly career sites with intuitive job application processes are becoming an essential part of innovative recruiting teams worldwide.

Mobile recruiting excites me because I’ve seen the research, enjoyed many conversations with leaders and know it’s potential to help the recruiting process, onboarding and overall candidate experience for brands across the globe. It’s the present and the future. Ride the wave.

Zero Fee Recruiter would like to give you a helping hand in recruiting the hard to find candidates that you have been spending day and night trying to find.

Sourcing, Contacting, Qualifying and Delivering only INTERESTED CANDIDATES.

ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system "Reach Out" and this enables our team to reach the candidates that are not actively looking...

Yes, Our Team Is USA Based!

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