Reheat Pizza in the Microwave...with a Crispy Crust!

Re-Think how you Re-Heat pizza in your Microwave with Reheatza®

In only 2 minutes per slice, you can now enjoy oven-quality taste and quality from the microwave. No more soggy, chewy crust and obliterated cheese and toppings from harsh direct microwave energy bombarding your pizza slices. The Reheatza protects your cheese and toppings while heating directly from the bottom—the result is a crispy crust, perfectly reheated toppings, and gently melted cheese.....all from the microwave!

Let's face it, we all love the convenience of using a microwave to warm up food, but when the end result is pizza with a chewy crust, or bunch of soggy chicken fingers, what's the point? Wouldn't it be great if your good ol' microwave had the ability to crisp, toast, and cook, without the hassle of pre-heating your oven or frying pan?

More than just pizza

The Reheatza Microwave Pizza Pan was specially designed for reheating pizza (of course), but it makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich, crispy quesadilla, roasted veggies, and more!

The pan works by absorbing microwave energy and converting it to conductive heat, which allows it to toast from the bottom up. The lid was designed to act like a shield, and block microwave energy from directly bombarding your food on the top and rapidly overcooking it. Reheatza helps maintain your food's original taste and texture, and restores that 'oven-baked' crispiness that we all love!

Reheatza has a stick-resistant cooking surface for easy cleaning, and is made of FDA-approved, food safe materials. Its low-profile design makes it easy to store in kitchens with limited space, dorms, office lunchrooms, and even RVs/campers.

The Reheatza is designed to perfectly reheat pizza in the microwave. No longer are you forced to choose between the convenience of the microwave with the taste, texture, and quality of oven-reheated pizza! 2 minutes per slice is all you need!

The Reheatza also works with store-bought frozen pizza! Simply replace the silver paper crisping tray with the Reheatza tray. Add the microwave-blocking lid to enhance the overall quality by protecting the cheese and toppings from harsh direct microwave energy.

It also works great on a wide variety of items you normally heat in the microwave, and even some things you’d never think of using the microwave for! View our video demos at for a small sample of the microwave possibilities with Reheatza!

Great for dorm rooms

Many college dorms do not allow things like toasters, toaster ovens, and hot plates. The Reheatza will allow you to cook and heat a larger variety of foods using only the microwave allowed to you.

How it works

The Reheatza consists of a microwave-absorbing pan and a microwave-blocking lid. The pan heats up to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit and browns and crisps the crust.

While the pan is browning the crust, the radiant heat it generates is trapped by the lid and heats the cheese and toppings, much like a convection oven effect.

At the same time, the lid is blocking harsh microwave energy from attacking the top of your pizza and overcooking and drying out the cheese and toppings.

The result is perfectly reheated pizza, all without any of the pizza itself ever being touched by a single wave of pizza-destroying microwave energy.

Reheatza now available on Kickstarter

Created by Boyd Palmer and Joe Kanefsky in Phoenix, Arizona, the Reheatza is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Pledges for pre-order commitments are currently being accepted to assist in the manufacturing and distribution of the Reheatza Microwave Pizza Pan.

The marshmallow test

In the early proof-of-concept demo below, you can see from a single marshmallow how harsh, direct microwave energy is nuking your food in to oblivion. On the other hand, the marshmallow heated inside Reheatza stays soft and warm and toasted on the bottom. Which method would you rather be using to reheat your pizza?

For more information visit, or the Reheatza project page on Kickstarter.