self install burglar alarm system for home

Introduce the G60-Ultimate alarm system, it's wireless security system built for dependency, protection and monitoring with your family's safety in mind. This alarm is suitable for residential, apartments or condominiums. It's advanced security kit has everything you need to protect your property and wireless implementation for easy fast installation.

The simplicity and control are advantages for wireless alarm system. This G60-Ultimate touch alarm panel with a large backlit LCD display, and equipped with backlit keypad for both day/night operation. User can arm/disarm as well as programming the system via the keypad. For emergency situations, the keypad also displays emergency fast action keys, touch the keys for two second will trigger the emergency alarms, built-in microphone and speaker for two way communication.

The system has several key features, it allows you to monitor and protect your family more than ever before: The panel is equipped with GSM communicator and PSTN communicator, allow user to program up to five phone numbers for emergency notification. Once alarm is triggered, the system can make voice dialing and sending text message (SMS). More over, it supports disarm/arm in scheduled time for everyday. This feature can increase the flexibility of uage, and embedded with user-friendly menu system, the system can be setup with ease.

This is wireless alarm kit, the alarm panel has 30 wireless zones and 4 hard-wired zones, working with maximum 116 pieces of various sensors. The standard kit contains one wireless magnetic contact, one wireless PIR motion sensor, and two wireless keyfobs. More over, the company can provide complete intrusion, fire and environmental detection sensors such as smoke sensor, flood sensor, glass break sensor, vibration sensor, gas leak sensor and more. Four hard-wired zones can allow system to connect with hard-wired sensors. Different from other alarm systems, this new design alarm is equipped with microphone and speaker, not only allowing two-way voice communication for alarm verification, but also allow user to make handfree phone call. The system can monitor the environment temperature with its built-in temperature sensor, it supports voice memo function, allowing user to make speed dial. The system is working under DC12V, and comes with AC/DC adapter, equipped with rechargeable battery allow system work even when external electricity is failed.

Standard features:

  • 30 programmable wireless zones, 4 hard-wired zones
  • Built-in GSM communicator and PSTN communicator
  • Supports 2-way voice communication
  • Chime features for monitoring door, window, or motion activity
  • Program up to five personal phone numbers
  • Alarm notification via auto dialing call or SMS
  • One central monitoring station phone number
  • Contact ID protocol for central monitoring station
  • Entry/exit delay
  • Arm/Disarm by: touchpad, remote keyfob, separate keypads, phone call, SMS, APP
  • 100 event logs with time and date stamp
  • Built-in 85DB sounder
  • Working with wireless/hardwired strobe siren
  • Working with wireless LED/LCD keypad
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery

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