Joseph Watson

Joseph Watson grew up in Gardena CA. Art has been a creative escape for him ever since his youth. Throughout the years, Joseph had the opportunity to get influenced not only by great creative mentors, but also by the wonderful Los Angeles landscape were everyday life was unique and filled with excitement, danger, culture and love. If you take a close look at his work, you will see all of these key ingredients. It’s obvious that Joseph is an observer of everyday occurrences. His work can be described as daily life driven by story, transformation and the decorative element. In 1998, he graduated with honors from the Prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. This was a true test of his dedication, creativity and strength.

Joseph has used the alias "JOEE" for the past 25 years. His original intent was to spell his name "Joey" as "JOEE" because it showed a more creative approach than the proper way to spell it. Spelling it this way also makes a wonderfully balanced signature that is a work of art in itself. Last but not least, it is fuel for great conversation with his collectors and fans.

Life after college opened his eyes to many opportunities in where his work can be applied. Everything from doing theatrical concepts for Cirque du Soleil, story boards for automotive brands, concepts for major video game companies, toy design at Mattel, philanthropic endeavors with art, mentoring, television appearances and children’s book development are just a few of the things that Joseph is involved in. Currently, he owns and operates the Joseph Watson Collection, a fine art gallery that captivates a worldwide audience. Many of his current paintings are created with the intent to change the world and make life a more productive and enjoyable experience. Series such as his Urban Flora Collection, Crowd Scenes, Dog Charts and Women Shopping have earned the respect of many. Also, Joseph is the Illustrator of the Go, Go, Greta! children's book series. His art is something that stays with you long after you view it.