Understanding the Web Hosting Plans: Shared Hosting Vs VPS hosting

First design and then host is the basic one…two step of launching a web site. Web hosting is one of the most popular concepts n the domain of World Wide Web and is a basic requirement for any website to become available on the web. There are quite a few different types of web hosting option available in the market and every option has its own set of pros and cons. Closely analyzing the various options of web hosting it is found that Shared Hosting and V PS hosting are the two types of hosting options which is most common in the market. There are lot of vendors like HostGator, BlueHost, InMotion which are providing web hosting or VPS Hosting. You can use HostGator Coupon or other coupon codes to redeem price of web hosting.

Although both the hosting services offer the same functionality but there are demarcating differences in utility and therefore one has to closely understand the advantages and disadvantages of the services and thereafter accordingly choose the one which would provide them with better services. One of the major differences between Shared Hosting and VPS hosting is that in case of Shared Hosting there is only one server which is utilized for hosting hundreds of sites but in the case of VPS hosting one dedicated server is there for an individual site. The VPS for of hosting is mainly selected by customers who expect a good number of traffic in their website and expects to provide a glitch free service to them.

Shared Hosting

It is perhaps the most common process of hosting in the world. In this form of hosting a web site developer intends to opt for a web server which utilizes a single server in hosting a number of other web sites. The prime advantage of selecting this kind of hosting is that the cost factor is extremely low. At a minimum price you would be able to host your webpage and another important aspect is that you need not have any set of high technical expertise to get your webpage live and it can be deployed easily and quickly. But at the same point of time it is always advised to take the services from a reputed organization otherwise there may be stances where traffic may be hampered due to glitches from servers. Do remember to check other facilities like free email accounts and storage space which is being offered by the hosting company.

Now coming to the disadvantages – one major disadvantageous factor is that when a web page is being hosted on a shared server, the question of privacy always comes up in mind. Thus if your webpage has important and significant information then you should take up a call whether to go with this type of hosting services or not. On the other hand the web developer gets very limited permission to customize the apps or the widgets on the web page as per his or her requirements.

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