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RnRMarketResearch offers "LiDAR Market by Components (INS, Laser, GPS/GNSS, Camera, MEMS), Product Types (Airborne, Mobile, Terrestrial), Applications (Corridor Mapping, Forestry, Mining, Topographic Surveying, Volumetric Mapping) – Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018)" global research report in its store.

LiDAR market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.64% from 2013 to 2018 and reach 551.26 million in 2018. he term ‘LiDAR’ is an acronym for ‘Light Detection and Ranging’, which has been derived from the common term ‘RADAR’. LiDAR technology has been around in the military and research circles since the early 1950s. A typical LiDAR system mainly consists of three major components: a laser sensor, a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, and an inertial navigation unit. The LiDAR system sends out laser pulses at the object/area to be mapped, and collects data by recording the pulses reflected by/from the object. In certain instances, as many as 100,000 such pulses are sent out every second.

Early LiDAR systems were very bulky and thus, they were very expensive to operate. In the last two decades, technological progress has brought the size of a LiDAR system down to a point where, LiDAR, as a technology, has become a very accurate and affordable solution. The advancement in the GPS and inertial navigation unit technologies has also propelled the LiDAR market further.

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The report segments the LiDAR market on the basis of different types of products, technologies, components used, applications, and geographies. Further, it contains revenue forecast, and analyses trends in the market. The geographical analysis contains an in-depth classification for North America, Europe, and APAC; which consists of major countries covering the market. Further, the Middle-East and Latin America have been classified under the ROW region. Each of these geographies has been further split by the major countries existing in this market. The sections and the sub-segments in the report contain drivers, restraints, opportunities, current market trends, and the technologies expected to revolutionize the LiDAR domain. The report also gives detailed profiles of various companies, currently, active in these markets. In addition to the company profiles, the report does provide a Competitive Landscape (CL) of the key players for each of the markets. The CL covers market share analysis, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, partnerships, new product developments, and the key growth strategies of each player.

Companies profiled in this research report are 3D Laser Mapping, Aerometric, Airborne Hydrography Ab, Avent Lidar Technology, Digitalworld Mapping, Faro Technology, Firmatek, Hover, IGI MBH, Intermap Technologies, Leica Geosystems, Mira Solutions, Mosaic 3D, Optech, Pix4D, Raymetrics, Reigl USA, Saab, Trimble Navigation Limited, and Velodyne Lidar. Order a copy of this research report at .

Table of Content for “LiDAR Market by Components (INS, Laser, GPS/GNSS, Camera, MEMS), Product Types (Airborne, Mobile, Terrestrial), Applications (Corridor Mapping, Forestry, Mining, Topographic Surveying, Volumetric Mapping) – Analysis & Forecast (2013 – 2018)” research report includes:

1 Introduction

1.1 Key Take-Away

1.2 Report Description

1.3 Scope & Markets Covered

1.4 Stakeholders

1.5 Research Methodology

1.6 Report Assumptions

2 Executive Summary

3 LiDAR Market Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Definition

3.3 History And Evolution

3.4 Value Chain Analysis

3.5 Market Dynamics

3.6 Porters Analysis

4 Market Segmentation, By Product Type

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Airborne Lidar

4.3 Terrestrial Lidar

4.4 Mobile Lidar

4.5 Short Range Lidar

5 Market Segmentation, By Application

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Government

5.3 Civil Engineering

5.4 Military, Defense, And Aerospace

5.5 Corridor Mapping

5.6 Topographical Surveys

5.7 Volumetric Mapping

5.8 Other Applications

6 Market Segmentation, By Geography

6.1 Introduction

6.2 North America

6.3 Europe

6.4 Apac

6.5 ROW

7 Market Segmentation, By Component

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Inertial Navigation System

7.3 Laser Diode

7.4 Gps/Gnss Receiver

7.5 Camera

7.6 Mems Mirror

8 Competitive Landscape

8.1 Market Share Analysis

8.2 New Product Launches/Developments

8.3 Mergers & Acquisitions/ Joint Ventures

8.4 Partnerships/Agreements/Strategic Alliance/Collaborations/Joint Ventures

8.5 Contract/Deployment/Awards/Certifications

9 Company Profiles (Overview, Products And Services, Financials, Strategy & Development)*

9.1 3D Laser Mapping

9.2 Aerometric

9.3 Airborne Hydrography Ab

9.4 Avent Lidar Technology

9.5 Digitalworld Mapping

9.6 Faro Technology

9.7 Firmatek

9.8 Hover


9.10 Intermap Technologies

9.11 Leica Geosystems

9.12 Mira Solutions

9.13 Mosaic 3D

9.14 Optech

9.15 Pix4D

9.16 Raymetrics

9.17 Reigl USA

9.18 Saab

9.19 Trimble Navigation Limited

9.20 Velodyne Lidar *Details On Overview, Products And Services, Financials, Strategy & Development Might Not Be Captured In Case Of Unlisted Companies.

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