Rental Air Conditioning Units By Smart Family of Cooling Products

Smart Family of Cooling Products, a leading sales agency of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, offers rental ready cooling equipment. The company talks about their products and services on their website.

[HUMBLE, TX,USA,May 6, 2014] – Smart Family of Cooling Products, a leading manufacturer and seller of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration, provides equipment for rental services. They have been developing a line of rental solutions for SACP industrial air conditioning equipment for more than fifteen years.

Rental Ready Cooling Equipment

Adapting to the industrial working environment is a difficult challenge for most businesses. In line with this, Smart Family of Cooling Productsexplains that their rental air conditioning units are designed to withstand worst environments. When other cooling equipment malfunctions, the rental air conditioning packages of the company are always ready to take over.

With a world of experience, the company specifically devised their units to provide a 35-40F temperature difference across the cooling coil. They also provide SACP units, which can produce cool and chilled air even with 100F ambient air conditions.

Providing a complete suite of air conditioning services, the company offers units that can be ordered for high static. Clients may choose from standard high static units to custom-made units for gateway, aircraft, and ground support cooling.

Cooling Equipment Features

Smart Family of Cooling Products features SACP products with standard benefits, including coated or non-lanced condenser and evaporator coils. Ensuring safety of the products, they also provide hit-dipped galvanized overhead tubular frame to prevent unit damage. They designed the units to include cush-a-clamps on all refrigerant lines to minimize vibration when used.

With high standard services, the company explains that they provide optional certified hoist rings or lift eyes with third party stamped engineering drawings. They also include separate control panels for power and control components along withthird user interface panel unit switches and adjustment devices.


Since 1991, Smart Family of Cooling Products has been offering air conditioning and industrial equipment products and services. With a wealth of knowledge, they aim to satisfy the needs and specifications of their clients. The company provides assistance to a huge clientele in all the stages of the project—from the initial system design and unit selection up to the implementation of the package in the field.

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