Powering the Future of Flight: Aeronautical department of MVJCE organized a guest lecture session at Bangalore campus

Dr. Uma Maheshwar and   Shri Vaira Saravanan of GE   Aviation John F Welch Technology Centre, Bangalore,   were invited. Dr. R Ramaprabhu, the Adviser of MVJCE welcomed the delegates. The Chairman, Director, Principal and Vice Principal of the College were also present on this occasion.

Dr. Uma Maheshwar gave information on the topic- Powering the Future of Flight

Dr Maheshwar is the leader of aviation technology at GE Aviation, Bangalore. He highlighted the features of futuristic engine designs, emphasizing reduction in specific fuel consumption, increased pressure ratios, high by pass ratio fan designs, greener combustion, hairline manufacturing tolerances between castings and moving parts and engines specifications that shall govern airplanes of future.

The Aeronautical students as well as faculties showed great enthusiasm in learning these techniques.


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