A fresh way to get your local beef.

Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch is offering memberships to their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. "Last year's CSA Program was a great success," explains Nikki Gill with Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch. "We're excited to be offering it again this summer."
How does it work?
A Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch beef CSA includes 10 lb. of local, sustainably raised beef each month in June, July, and August. The beef comes frozen and each month a share will consist of a different assortment of ground beef, roasts, and steaks. Each CSA includes recipes and cooking tips for the different cuts you receive that month.
When you become a member of a CSA, you are forming a relationship with the people who raise your food, and in return they are committed to raising your food with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.
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CSA brings together community members, farmers, and agriculture land in a relationship of mutual support based on a commitment to one another – a commitment that ensures the survival of local farms today and for future generations.
For more information and to sign-up before registration closes, please visit their website at
Space is limited and registration closes May 15.