Room in the Moon give away a 2-week free scholarship to anywhere in the world !

July 9,2014 - Have you ever imagined yourself winning a free scholarship for 2 weeks to anywhere in the world? Well, now you can start thinking where you could go. Room in the Moon, a travel startup has a simple competition where you could be winning flights, accommodation, language course and £300 in cash. The only thing that you need to do is to share what you know about the cities you’ve been or lived.To enter the competition is very simple: you sign up to the website (, complete your profile and start sharing posts. The focus of the website is to provide information about cities for those planning to live there, so your info will help those planning to move there. You can share photos, videos and text. Each post gives you 1 point and each new friend you make is also 1 point. On 31/12/14 Room in the Moon will announce on their website who the winner is. Does it sound to be good to be true? Well, it is! To register, click and good luck! The startup was founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Rafael dos Santos, 33, author of book "Moving Abroad - One Step a Time".