Kettle Cook Food In Ft Worth TX

Fort Worth, Texas, 2014/Press Release: Classic Foods is a renowned kettle cooked food manufacturer providing a wide range of food products to the foodservice industry across Texas. The company implements steam jacketed and injected kettle cookers to provide quality food products. The variety of kettles used in the facility enables them to achieve any size order ranging from small test batches to full day runs of multiple products. The kettles used in the manufacturing include:
  • (2) 1,200 lb vertical, steam jacketed kettles

  • (1) 5,000 lb MTC steam injected kettle

  • (2) 9,000 lb horizontal, steam jacketed kettles

Since the establishment, the aim of Classic Foods has been to meet the needs of food service industries in Texas. Today, they are acknowledged for providing increased productivity and consistency in the manufacturing of various kettle cooked food items, including Chilis, Soups (ready-to-eat), Soups (concentrated), Cheese Sauces, Quesos, Gravys ( Cream, Sausage, Brown), Taco Fillings, Sloppy Joe, Beans (Black, Barracho, Baked), Collard Greens, Creamed Spinach, Italian Sauces (Marinara, Alfredo), Mexican Sauces (Enchilada Sauce, Mole Sauce) and Asian Sauces (Plum, Duck, Orange, Sweet & Sour).

Kettle cooking produces trans-fat-free food items to control obesity. It also maintains the natural flavor of the food while keeping saturated fat and sodium levels low. One of the most popular kettle cooked food product is potato chips. Unlike traditional method of deep frying the chips, kettle chips are cooked slowly in two stages. Firstly, frying the chips at low temperature to give them a better texture and secondly, cooling the chips, and further frying them to remove excess oil.

For more information regarding the kettle cooked food offered by Classic Foods, you can visit them at 629 Mony, Ft. Worth, Texas 76102. You can also call them at (817) 332 - 1071 or browse the kettle cooked food items at