H. Jam. Just changed the name of her YouTube channel into “How to lose weight fast for women”

H. Jam. has just made a great change on her YouTube channel and changed its name into “How to lose weight fast for women”.

She started her YouTube Channel over 18 months ago, and she has just uploaded a few videos bout getting rid of arm fat and a few weight loss tips.

Because she has lost a lot of weight herself, and studied a lot on this topic, she decided to create a lot of videos on the topic of losing weight fast. She created a few diet plans, and a few more videos in which people could download for FREE a few fat loss e-books.

But somehow she didn’t feel like she was really making a change in the life of her subscribers, so she took a few courses on women’s health topic and bought a pass at the local library.

She has also researched a lot of forums and realized the most people quit their diet plans because they don’t see results fast enough, so she decided to study and look for ways on how to speed up the metabolism faster. Somehow she felt that she could reach and influence more people, if she could focus only on helping women, and that’s why she started to research only for ways to lose weight fast for women.

After having read over 50 books about the female metabolism, and went to 5 intensive courses, she finally got it. She realized that she can really help women lose weight fast, so she changed the name of her YouTube channel to “how to lose weight fast for women” .

Then, she created a lot of new videos, teaching women “how to lose 20 pounds” to “how to lose 100 pounds” or “ how to lose thigh fat” or “arm fat”.

All her videos are very easy to follow, and contain easy tips that will lead to women solving their problem if they are followed.

She decided that she will create a new video each week on the weight loss topic, this way, hoping to help thousands of women get a better life and become easier.

Since already thousands of women subscribed to her channel, the women interested in becoming healthier and looking for easier ways to lose weight faster and easier, should go ahead and subscribe to het YouTube channel:

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