Bristol - City That Is Developing Every Day


Bristol, UK (March 22, 2014) - Bristol, an emerging city is growing and flourishing with every passing day. The wonderful city is going to witness the incredible development on a 700 meter long cycle track that is going to connect the residential area of the city to the Local enterprise zone.

According to the mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, “This scheme is exactly what we are going to see more of in Bristol as cycling and walking routes are improved so that anyone aged eight to 80 can feel that they have an option to travel in this way. We’ve used funds from the Sustainable Transport Fund and the Local Enterprise Zone as the first step towards making this part of Bristol a more accessible, safe and pleasant place to walk and cycle. I’ve seen this sort of cycle track used successfully in the Netherlands and in Copenhagen, this year’s European Green Capital, and separation really works where roads are busy and we can find the room". To know for more information please visit

Apart from the substantial developments, other important reason that has made the city is its English courses for the students. Summer courses in England is been a fundamental preference for the students of current days. is introducing these special summer courses, where any student from the EU community can join.

According to many experts, Bristol is the best city to learn English. and the city together have been proved for having the efficient English language level. This learning English in Bristol opportunity would be covering interns from 3 weeks to 4 months. This internship would be certified with a final report of BLC, for each and every intern. Candidates with suitable educational qualification of experience are encouraged to go for this course.

The English courses in Bristol have already started creating a buzz. As per an executive of the internship team, “We are thrilled to organize this summer internship. The mesmerizing city of Bristol is known for its updated structure and language proficiency. Many students from various cities of EU have already started contacting us on this regard. We are dedicated in providing an overall enjoyable and enriching learning experience to the interns.  Our team would be taking care of the detailing of the students requirement and helping them. We are focused to guide the candidates in the best possible way, so that they can unitize the most out of this learning experience. “

Bristol is a wonderful city. BLC is offering an amazing summer internship course on learning English here.

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