keyboard_arrow_up Conventional energy construction in Poland 2014: Development forecasts and planned investments, New Report Launched

This document investigates the projects and players involved in the conventional energy segment of Polish power construction. It delivers details on high capacity ventures aimed at production of electrical energy using coal, natural gas, lignite and nuclear power sources.

Readers will learn more about the investors funding key energy construction projects in Poland, the trends that indicate need for future construction in the conventional energy construction sector and prospects and earnings opportunities for potential investors.

Conventional energy issues and more-

  • Polish energy production - market size, value and complete updates on current state of the market, along with SWOT analysis
  • Polish capacity to produce energy using each of the major power sources – coal, lignite, natural gas and nuclear
  • Investment in conventional energy construction projects in Poland
  • Key investors and top sources of funding in the conventional energy construction segment
  • Overcoming obstacles to the profitable conclusion of conventional energy construction projects in Poland
  • Leading electrical power producers in Poland and their plans for significant upcoming projects.

Key Features of report-

  • It supplies information about and analysis of major planned projects, including investors, block power, construction status, expected finalisation date and visualisations
  • It provides an inside look at the environment for investment and the activities of prime investors in the Polish conventional energy sector
  • It describes the short and long term development potential for the energy construction segment in Poland in accordance with the most-utilised types of fuel.

Questions answered in this report-

  • What is the overall value (PLN bn) and size (MW) of conventional energy construction investments planned and underway in Poland?
  • What portion of these investments will reach completion?
  • What are the investment values and construction output quantities associated with each of the main fuel options – coal, natural gas, lignite and nuclear?
  • Which locations across Poland will benefit from the largest investments in conventional energy construction?
  • What is the status of the regulatory environment with regard to this market? Which specific regulations will have significant impact on market development?


  • Preparing a business for entry into Poland’s conventional power construction sector
  • Locating new projects and clients in the marketplace
  • Estimating demand and planning production processes for materials and equipment used in energy construction
  • Assessing the competitive landscape in this market
  • Evaluating the potential value of power construction investments in this market
  • Organizing data and analytical reporting for use by executive boards and shareholders.

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