Athlete Personal Trainer Training Offered to Athletes in Albuquerque, NM, by Upward Motion Personal Training Aug. 2014

Albuquerque Athletes in football, basketball, track, baseball looking to gain an edge can now turn to Upward Motion Personal Training and hire them for the company’s athlete personal training program. It does not matter if the athlete is a high level Division I athlete or a weekend warrior that does gladiator events Upward Motion Personal Training is taking on all athletes wanting to fit, improve performance or take athletic performance to the highest level.

The company’s athletic training programs are based on the most current research and each program is tailored to each athlete’s personal needs or goals. The assessment starts by collecting the following information from each athlete: a complete medical history; current nutritional diet habits; current workout program; and the athlete’s top three goals in written form. The company then takes the information and analyzes it before the first appointment with the athlete.

Based on the athletes individual goals and requirements it conducts a set of required tests to help Upward Motion Personal Training develop the best exercise and nutrition plan possible. The tests include posture evaluation (to determine injury potential) speed, strength and agility tests based on that persons sports.

It is through proper evaluation that the company is able to determine the best plan that will increase the person’s athletic performance with the least amount of injury possible.

Upward Motions athletic training programs are all 1/2 an hour long which provides each athlete with more workouts throughout the week, at half the cost.

About Upward Motion Personal Training:   
Upward Motion Personal Training is a personal trainer studio offering customized personal training workout programs, small group training classes, Shockwave Group Training Classes and Indo-Row Group Training Classes. The company’s workout studio is located at 336 Adams St SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
Upward Motion Personal Training
Founder and Director: Luis Alvidrez
336 Adams St SE
Albuquerque, NM