Rap music world to crown the next hot rapper

The world of rap music is stirring up excitement as it welcomes Theholyc, the brand new female rapper from UK. She has indeed started a new trend in the rapping world that is about to encourage women rappers all around the world to explore their passion. Theholyc’s music and her rapper potential can be seen in her latest music video featuring Chris Brown’s artist Luvaboy TJ (from Harlem, NY).

The video is called ‘Wilding, buggin, trippin’ which received airplay in USA and, has been officially released on Theholyc’s VEVO video channel.

Hip hop music has come a long way from being genre specific to welcoming new talents. Theholyc joins the bandwagon with her amazing rapping capabilities and a style that is hard to ignore. Being white and gay, she moves on to breaking norms in the music world. She is winning hearts with her music everywhere and the popularity of her latest single goes to show how talented this young artist is.

Not just at the local level, this rising new star has also rubbed shoulders from some of the biggies in the music world. She recently concluded her New York tour in which she privately partied with Jay-Z in his 40/40 club and hung out in P Diddy’s studios while hanging with various celebrity rappers backstage at a Hip Hop awards downtown Manhattan. The trip ended with the artist recording her video, ‘Wilding, buggin, trippin’.

Theholyc is a one a kind rapper. It is not just that she belongs to the exclusive group of female white rappers but, also the fact that she is bold about her personal life. Her music speaks volumes about her potential as a rapper and her collaboration with some of the top rappers is a testament to the growing inclination of rap lovers towards her music.

About Theholyc:

Theholyc is a bold, white female rapper from UK who has set out with big dreams to make a mark in the rap world. Her music is electric, scintillating and catchy. She has and continues to make new waves in the music world with her relentless effort to give her best to rap fans all over the world. Her latest video is a solid proof to the rapper’s resolution. To know more and check out the new video, log onto

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