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Freelance work opportunities now at users’ fingertips

3rd July 2014: is a new simple to use website that is making it possible for the masses looking to make some extra money and/or a living through freelancing or opportunities working from home.

There are many who would like to find work based on their individual skills sets and keeping their personal requirements and lifestyle in mind. Freelance work options just might be the choice for them and now they don’t have to run from pillar to post to find them. has created a platform where employers, or as the site calls them ‘service providers’ to post projects that they are looking for someone to work on. These projects are classified into different categories; from computers and printing to repairs and home maintenance making it a 2 minute job for people to list the work they need doing, which could be as simple as mowing the lawn to some professional issue as legal or accounting work.

On the other side of the coin is the opportunity for individuals or firms or as the site calls them ‘Freelancers’ to earn income by bidding on and winning suitable projects which match their skills. Freelancers or people bidding on projects have the opportunity to bid on as many or as few projects as they see fit and are able to manage. Essentially the whole process of placing projects or jobs that someone needs doing and allowing people to find those that are suitable to them is streamlined. One could argue it is rather like the eBay of buying and selling skills rather than products.

Undoubtedly, has ended up creating a win-win situation for all; those seeking freelance assignments and/or the ability to work for themselves or from home or even those looking to make a second income to be able to do that quickly and make good money without any hassle. And for employers or people placing jobs and projects to find people to work on their projects whilst saving money spent in trying to look for people that suit their requirements and being able to auction their project requirements to the lowest possible bidder.

The registration on the site is free at the moment, which is an added advantage with the aim of encouraging new users. The pre-registrants will be exempt of any future subscription charges too. Thus they can start their search for freelance projects on the right note and make sure they are giving their ambitions a much needed shot in the arm.

About has created a platform for employers to post projects and freelancers to seek projects they can work on, thus leading to a win-win situation for all.

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