Unique and Exclusive Hedge Fund Offers Accredited Investors Opportunity to 'Own Your Destiny'

A group of seasoned, savvy investment fund managers are turning the world of fantasy sports on its head.

They are extending an an exclusive invitation or accredited investors to join the world’s most exciting Fantasy Football League ever created.

It is unique in two ways: It is the highest stakes league ever created as it takes $1 million dollars for you to purchase a team; and it is exclusive in that there are only 32 spots available. It is not for everyone.

This innovation in fantasy sports is revolutionary because of the high stakes but, more importantly, because the fantasy football league will be maintained by a strategic investment portfolio that will support an annual payout to the winners, so you NEVER have to contribute additional funds.   This unique structure has been approved by one of the country’s leading law firms, thus putting you on the cutting edge of a brand new industry!

The investment fund is being handled by a team of managers with access to distressed real estate opportunities, asset-back loans, oil & gas and energy production and other growth opportunities.  We have also selected management advisors that also have a strong track record in real estate, hospitality, and asset backed lending for a portfolio that we expect to grow beyond the needs of the league awards. This concept is the closest thing to owning a real sports franchise. If the corpus fund grows due to the success of investments made by this management team so will the value of your team.

In short, there are three features of this membership that differentiate this concept:

#1: You don’t need to buy into the League year after year. 

#2: Your team is a transferable asset that has a net asset value, which can be bought and sold in a manner similar to a mutual fund.

#3: You compete for huge money without the all-or-nothing risk.

There is an annual fantasy draft party scheduled for Labor Day Weekend in Vegas. This is a first come first serve offer, so you will need to take action quickly.  Here’s the web site and contact info for the fund managers:

Million Dollar Fantasy Investment Team

Micah Kohls and Joe Hicks have been successfully managing their respective private equity funds focused on real estate, lending and other wealth-creation opportunities for a combined 25+ years. Their track record of investments spans a broad range of sectors including residential and commercial real estate, technology and medical device start-ups, secured lending and energy production. With their knowledge, experience and network, they are well positioned to guide this Fund. Initially, they have chosen two additional industry experts to advise them:
Richard Lackey, Advisor   Mr. Lackey is a business entrepreneur and a trader with over 20 years of diverse industry experience. He is a highly regarded expert in the equity trading industry. He has written multiple best-selling books including Wall Street’s 10 Greatest Myths. Richard’s current projects include international hotel/resort development and management, syndicated energy investments and the global distribution of disaster-relief food products.

Roger McAulay, Advisor    Mr. McAulay is a veteran entrepreneur in the technology sector. He has managed business operations, venture finance, legal structuring and technology development. Remarkably, his efforts have resulted in six technology start-up exits over the past 20 years. Roger is a member of the California Bar and is the holder of two U.S. Patents for technologies he developed.

Million Dollar Fantasy Sports Strategy

Led by the team of Managers and investment advisors, the Fund will invest in a variety of real estate projects, lending initiatives, energy ventures and other growth opportunities including but not limited to:

• Residential/commercial real estate – The managers have extensive experience and a proven record of high returns in both quick-flip and buy-and-hold projects across the country.

• Asset-backed lending – For the past five years the Managers have written high-yield, low loan-to-value (LTV) short term loans. The combination of the “point” fee structure, short maturity and high coupon rate creates a solid IRR. The low LTV mitigates the risk.

• Rental properties – Both managers have been building a rental portfolio with a mix of residential and commercial properties. Attractive entry pricing and the access to leverage have made this a high-yield opportunity.

• Oil and Gas – The managers have access to larger-scale O&G developments through the use of proprietary platforms that enable the purchase of smaller percentages of large-scale production projects. This ability to diversify mitigates risk while maintaining returns.

Anyone investing in the Fund must meet the qualifications of an Accredited Investor as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act. Past performance is no guarantee of success, and all investments should be only be considered after reading the Private Placement Memorandum and review by a trusted financial professional.

For more information contact: 

Micah Kohls