The usage of drones has grown very vastly in these recent years for a reason that it is Unmanned, and could save the life a human. These Drones can be used for many purpose surveillance, stealth attacks, bluff, or just for fun. Unmanned aerial vehicles are well understood as Drones, as there is no pilot aboard. These drones are meant to be controlled by the pilots from the ground (or say from a Distance through a remote control), also these drones can be pre – programmed For performing any number of tasks (considering its limitations & performing capabilities). These drones no matter how many types are classified into various categories by the functions they perform:

- Target & decoy: provides the target for the stationed artillery for clear visibility or confirmation about the enemy aircraft or missile to be attacked or dealt with.

Reconnaissance: providing the detailing’s about enemy ground and locations of specific objects which are required on a battlefield. This UAV’s provides the pinpoint location of any sort of visible detailing required about a particular location without even breaching in and making any intrusion in no entry zone.

Combat: providing attacking options when in desperate situations and where there are high risks involved. This UAV’s have proved to be the hands of god when one gets stuck in a zone of nil possibilities. This drone provides you backup as well as lets you create diversion and sort your way in the meantime.

 Logistics: UAV’s designed for unique cargo and logistics operations. Cargo meaning some tactical equipment or object relatively light in weight so that the drone could be able to carry and maintain its flight very properly.

 Research and development: to develop further UAV technologies which can be deployed on field UAV aircraft. This outgrows the possibility of the workability of drones. Making them more & more efficient, thus making the utilization of manpower in more required areas.

Civil and commercial UAV’s: this UAV’s are specially designed to help you target the construction and tracking the progress of under construction reforms, or getting the layout from all angles in advance before laying the foundation.

Besides all the military application of UAV’s there are vast areas where the drones can be very helpful. Like in the time on natural calamities to survey , track survivors, provide the necessary items. Inspecting pipelines, powerlines, counting and keep track of wildlife. These drones can be utilized for routinely inspection of vast areas by the cameras installed drones.

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