FIFA Fever Vs Rummy Rage!

Brazil inaugurated the world cup season with a splendid win over Croatia. And if you missed this astonishing action, no worries! We will bring back the thrill to you. The 13 card game is no less than the game of soccer. As the sport of football enjoys the privileges of world cup, in the same way the game of rummy enjoys the privileges of tournaments.

FIFA world cup comes once a span of four years and if this makes you low. Then I guess rummy is the best option for you. You can play the game of Rummy anytime of your choice. This is also a world tournament as it allows players to play among rummy enthusiast from around the globe. Hence, referring it as world tournament will not be a false statement.

Rummy is better than FIFA in all aspects, at least we get freedom from Yellow Cards and Red Cards. The game of cards always requires a high involvement of skill of the player without which the game cannot be won. Also negativity about soccer is that violence is what spoils our harmony. Instead make use of your time in playing rummy game. It will result in your betterment rather than falling prey to its violence.

Couch potatoes will prefer watching FIFA but I would like to enlighten them by saying that the game can be played without harming your couch. Your love for your couch is admired and you can enjoy the game even online. By playing online you will be able to compete with players from different geographies and it will not harm your peacefulness.

Wagering on these games is real fun, you can wager in the game of rummy and betting on FIFA is against the federal law. Indian Rummy game is privileged than football in every aspect. Here you eliminate the chances of injury. A best way to spend your leisure time is by playing rummy among your fellow online players.

It is the best way by which the player can relax and at the same time make money. Someone is going to reward you not for your hard work but for your smart work. Just brush up your rummy skills and get ready to make money. Also to our fascination, the website will offer your cash bonus. Play makes the deposit and the website credits an addition in the value of added cash. Withdrawing your winning amount has been made easy with the development and improvement of internet transactions. These transactions are safe, secure and reliable.

If you are a FIFA lover then this article could hurt you, but I have a pleasant idea! You can play the 13 cards Indian Rummy together along with your act of watching the soccer action. When Neymar shoots a goal, You should place your show!!