Stated Income Loans Make Qualifying Easy


Los Angeles, CA - Anyone who’s looking to buy investment homes and is having difficulty qualifying for a conventional investor mortgage loan can now get investment property loan at

Lending guidelines have relaxed in the past year and now is one of the best times in history for investors to qualify for a stated income loan for a second home or an investment property. Stated income loans make it possible to qualify for a loan without providing tax returns or proof of income; borrowers qualify based on proof of down payment for a purchase or equity for a refinance.

Stated income Lenders have minimum requirements to obtain a stated income loan. They include:

- A 600 credit score
- 30% down payment (or 30% equity if property is being refinanced).
- Property must be non-owner occupied
- Minimum loan amount of $125,000

Interest rates for stated income mortgages are very competitive. The most significant difference between conventional loans and stated loans is the reduced amount of paperwork and the quick and easy process to qualify for a stated loan.

There are 2 basic types of stated mortgage loans:

- Fixed rate -- The interest rate for this type of loan remains the same
- Adjustable rate -- The interest rate fluctuates after an initial fixed rate period ends.

With today’s stated income loan programs, self-employed and retired borrowers can obtain loans. Stated income loans do not require any verification of income based on employment. This is very useful for both self-employed borrower and business owners who declare low net income on their tax returns.

Benefits associated with stated mortgage loans include

- Very little paperwork from the applicant
- Very fast loan approval and funding…often in less than 30 days.
- Low interest rates; rates may vary but no penalties are incurred when processing or refinancing another loan

Now is the ideal time to buy a second / investor home. With the growing economy, prices and interest rates are both at historic lows. Rates will most likely increase substantially in the near future, and this opportunity is not likely to become available in our lifetime. Availability for investment properties may also be a problem in the future; inventory is shrinking every day as the economy slowly improves.

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