Business & Safety Printing Offers Short Run 6-Colour Digital Printing

Business and Safety Printing, Australia’s leading specialist safety printing company, offers affordable short-run 6-colour printing using HP Indigo digital presses. The company uses UV-resistant inks and synthetic paper to achieve maximum quality.

[PERTH, WA, JUNE 6, 2014]—Business and Safety Printing, Australia’s leading specialist safety printing company, offers short-run 6-colour digital printing. The company uses HP Indigo digital presses to ensure the production of high-quality training manuals, specialised safety forms, safety Take 5 booklets, and other products. They also utilise durable synthetic paper and UV resistant inks to achieve maximum quality and lifespan. All digital printing services are done in high resolution, ensuring crisp, vivid, and high-quality results.

The Indigo digital printing press can print on both sides of the press sheet in one pass. The sheets come out dry, ready to move to the next step. This ensures faster a turnaround, ensuring that clients receive their safety tags and manuals at the soonest possible time.

Eco-Friendly Digital Printing Solutions

Business and Safety Printing’s colour digital printing combines the quality of traditional offset printing and the efficiency of the digital method. The service provides more value for clients’ money while helping them preserve the environment. Digital printing doesn’t use the film, chemicals, and plates required by the traditional offset method. In addition, clients have the option to use FSC-certified paper with 30 percent recycled content on their projects. All of this allows them to reduce their carbon footprint and print more sustainably.

Flexible Data Printing Services

Another benefit of colour digital printing is its ability to run variable data. In variable data digital printing, each sheet can have different copy, text, or images. The elements and design can be changed from one printed piece to the next, without slowing down or stopping the printing process.

High Quality Safety Training Manuals and Booklets

Business and Safety Printing manufactures a wide range of safety training manuals and booklets. Its line of products includes Take 5 hazard assessment wallets, induction handbooks, on-site operational checklists, safety tags, labels and posters. It also prints Occupational Health and Safety products, such as OH&S manuals, prestart checklists, job hazard analysis forms, work permits and certificates, accident and injury reports, and safety labels and posters.

About Business and Safety Printing

Business and Safety Printing is Australia’s largest manufacturer of synthetic paper safety tags. It is also the largest wholesaler of safety tags, supplying a number of safety product resellers in different states in the country with generic and customised tags. The company has been in the industry for over 35 years, while its core management team has over 200 years of combined experience in the safety printing industry.

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